Sunday, February 16, 2014

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(With this story, I'll be going back to first-person POV. -Nene)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Epilogue (FINAL)

Life after the wedding was as sweet as could be for the happily married couple.

True to her word, whenever Lief did something idiotic, Josefin was always there to remind him. In turn, Lief made sure Josefin always felt appreciated.

Many people in Aurora Skies were cautious of the whole thing, seeing as Lief had been down the same road three times before.

But those fears were unfounded. No arguments, no misunderstandings arose for Mr. and Mrs. Helgason.

Lief's three children and Josefin's two boys were very glad to have so many siblings. Karen, of course, was still sad she had to end her relationship with Arvid.

However, she was glad that her father was finally happy with a woman he truly loved.

Indeed, Lief was glad to be the proud parent of five wonderful children, as was Josefin.

Lief's fourth marriage was indeed shaping up to be the last one. He was absolutely overjoyed to know he had finally found his soulmate.

With Josefin, the feeling was mutual. She not only found the man of her dreams, but she found an amazing father for her two boys.

Now, the two were off, ready to pick up their children from school and day care.

"Hey, Josefin?" Lief said with a sudden look of worry on his face.

"Yes, Lief?"

"Did I turn the stove off before we left?"

"Yes, you did." Lief's expression then calmed considerably.

"Okay, good!" With that, the husband and wife continued on.

And so, the Helgasons continued to live a happy life together. Indeed, both adults found their special someone, and all of them continued on as what could be seen as one big, unified family.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

(As I have just stated, One Step at a Time has now ended. And again, Happy Valentine's Day.)

(Make sure to check back here on the sixteenth! -Nene)

Chapter 22: They Do

The big day had finally arrived. The time had gone by so fast, everyone felt as if it was only the blink of an eye.

"Is Lief at the place already?" Josefin was admittedly nervous that today was her wedding day.

"Yup. Arvid, Edvin, and Karl are there with him. They made sure that he didn't see you when they were leaving the house."

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chapter 21: Ties That Bind

Josefin had searched as many places as she could in Aurora Skies. Predictably, no sign of Karen.

At some point, Josefin realized that the chances of Karen being in a place she liked were slim. Instead, she looked in places the girl wouldn't normally be.

Soon, there was only one place left to look.

The outside itself was enough to fascinate Josefin. Though small, the building was very well decorated. She hadn't noticed the place before, almost as if the building had sprung up overnight.

And oddly enough, despite it being late at night, the lights were on.

The inside was even more beautiful to her, when she stepped inside.

"Now why didn't I notice this place before?" Josefin said, seemingly to no one. "I'd say this would be the perfect place to have a wedding."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chapter 20: Missing Piece

Lief decided that this morning, he would wake his children himself.

He remembered doing it all the time when Karen and Karl were younger, and he figured he'd try to revive an old tradition.

Lief made very sure he didn't wake Josefin.

As he made his way upstairs, Leif sighed in nostalgia. He remembered doing it when it was just him and Karen. Now it appeared he had five children to try it with.

He didn't mind, however. The more, the merrier. It wasn't as if he were going to dive into their chests to wake them up.

"Karen~! Time to wake up!" Lief was used to a dark room. When he received no answer, that was what he was not used to.

"Karen? Are you still mad about last night?" Still no answer.

Lief wasn't getting angry at his daughter's silence, merely worried. He then turned on the light, and realized why she was so quiet.

Chapter 19: Don't Run from your Problems...

To say Karen was displeased with her father's decision to marry Josefin would be a severe understatement.

Indeed, her worst fears were becoming reality.

Karen was unsure how to show her father how upset she was with this turn of events. She had an idea, though.

All she hoped was that she would not be caught.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chapter 18: Not So Hallur-ing

It had already started to become dark by the time Lief got to the next house.

It wasn't too entirely implausible, as the third wife lived out of town. Lief didn't blame her.
Lief bit his lip as he walked up the steps. She was, after all, an ex-wife. 

He was prepared for the worst, started from the moment she opened the door.